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BERKEL Fly Wheel B114
The B114-B116 fly wheel meat slicer is much appreciated by all professionals lovers of luxury, by those who love excellent cuisine, and who understand that the preparation of food and particularl the cutting process are fundamental to maintaining and enhancing the quality of the sliced product. The finishing touches must not ruin the considerable work and attention that went into the manufacture of a high-quality cut of ham or other meat product.
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Capacity (rectangular) [mm]
280 x 200
Net Weight [kg]
Width [mm]
Lenght [mm]
Height [mm]
8,692.50Export web price 9,058.50
Export list price
Product not available

For shipments to South America, Central America, Mexico, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa the price of transporting will be made after receiving the order to meet all your needs on time delivery

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