Collector items: why purchase directly from Berkel?

Our products have been vital to the work of delicatessen counters and butchers worldwide, they were created to last through the ages, but also to be put on display. The “historical Reds” were design icons of their time, cult objects that could be seen in many household living-rooms, where they sat proudly displayed on their pedestals.

Defined by many as the “Ferrari” of meat slicers, the Berkel meat slicer is still today, an object that is much copied, but has always been inimitabile. Berkel meat slicers are even copied just like many fashion items, as for example, Rolex watches, or Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbags.
There are many collectors and speculators, or even just simple fans who find themselves often confused by the offers available from real or often pseudo restorers, and they ask to purchase an “official” fly wheel Berkel meat slicer directly from us, the parent company.

We aim to protect our brand and at the same time to look after the customers’ investment. by acting as a point of reference for the collectors’ market, and so guarantee the genuine quality of our antique machines.

Whoever buys an antique Berkel, invests their heart and money: if this passion cannot find valid regulations, it risks becoming a mere source of financial gain for those who are just after money.

To buy a genuine Berkel is to look after both your heart and your wallet.

Affettatrici  Berkel
Berkel affettatrici
Affettatrici Berkel

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