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Futura Macelleria 360

Cod.Art. BKFUTMBX0100000000

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Straight feed for raw meat

It can withstand intensive use and ensures the highest performance whilst minimising waste.

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Futura is the intermediate line of the professional electric slicers range from Berkel. Designed and developed primarily for the MMR (Mass Market Retailers) but also for customers that are looking for a great slicing performance, highest safety standard and an easy of cleaning with a reasonable investment, to get easy of use and fast slicing operations with a related operational cost reduction. All the machines belonging to this product line, characterized on this specific line by all the red tecno-polymer details, have been designed to provide great performance combining the elegant design of all the Berkel slicers, made of smooth rounded lines, lack of hedges and high performance materials, with the best functionality. Every detail brings an operational benefit to the user. Futura is available in all the following technical configurations: Gravity, Vertical Salumeria and Vertical Macelleria with different blade diameter selection from 280mm to 360mm.

Some details may be different from those shown in the photos.


  • Third generation 100Cr6 steel blade, the best on the market, for a perfect cut and for a longer lasting of the sharpening
  • Increased baseplate thickness and stainless steel feet with anti slippery rubber inserts for total stability during slicing operations
  • 38 ° graded food plate to facilitate the passage of the material and the fall of the slice (on Gravity models)
  • IP34 motor and watertight electrical box for a full protection from liquids during cleaning operations
  • Belt transmission for the maximum flexibility in case of accidental resistance during slicing operations
  • Sliding bushing with Teflon treatment for and easy and increased slicing speed
  • IP67 stainless steel fully sealed control panel and food-grade silicone gaskets on each exposed part
  • Very thin residual product to minimize wasted material
  • Lock/Unlock food plate lever to easily position the product and to keep it fixed during slicing operations
  • Gauge plate opening knob with 17 millimetric adjustment positions for an accurate regulation
  • Gauge plate with an oblique 15 ° opening to facilitate the way out of the product while slicing (on Gravity models)
  • Easy removable steel deflector
  • Removable sharpener included with a single movement operating system to avoid sharpening mistakes by the operators

Cleaning and hygiene

  • Aluminum alloy baseplate made out a single mold obtaining absence of gaps
  • Removable stainless steel or red techno polimer food plate and product press holder with stainless steel tacks for perfect hygiene and to speed up cleaning operations
  • Wide space between blade and motor to facilitate and speed up cleaning operations
  • Food plate lifting system to facilitate cleaning operations


  • Complete closure of the gauge plate for maximum safety during cleaning operations and CE Block to prevent its opening when the plate is out of place
  • Assisted product press holder opening system (on Vertical models) to prevent accidental release and for an easy product positioning
  • Disarmed position of the meat press to prevent accidental release (on Gravity models)
  • ON/OFF switches with high visibility LEDs
  • Aluminum ring guard for increased safety
  • Ergonomic controls in comfortable position to minimize operator efforts
  • Stainless steel IP67 control panel with flush ON button to prevent accidental starting
Technical data
  • Height [B]
    650 mm
  • Lenght [C]
    885 mm
  • Width [A]
    630 mm
  • Weight:
    101.4 kg
  • Blade Diameter
    360 mm
  • Cut Capacity Reptangular
    320 x 232 mm
  • Electrical Specs
    230V 50Hz 1P - 400V 50Hz 3P
  • Engine Power
    0,40 - 0,40 kW
  • Max Thickness
    0 – 17 mm

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