Berkel MiniVac - vacuum and sealer machine

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Berkel MiniVac - vacuum and sealer machine

In addition to eliminating any waste and preventing food deterioration, Minivac ensures fresh and wholesome food every day. Berkel’s Minivac completes any meat slicer because it preserves the flavour and properties of your food, as well as its freshness and quality. All this with the guarantee of a 100% Italian product.

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Vacuum machine for home use

• Useful for increasing food storage times
• Fully automatic or manual cycle
• Instant sealing function in bags for delicate foods
• Cycle for creating vacuum in containers
• The vacuum chamber with a tank allows collecting excess of liquid
• Lower part is completely removable and washable in the dishwasher
• Anti-slip feet
• Waterproof and smart display with LED lights 

Features of canister:

• Protective liquid suction lid (pump saver)
• All Berkel Vacuum accessories have been tested and certified for contact with foods 

Recommended Uses:

• Delicate washing without lid on the top dishwasher rack
• Microwave defrosting without lid
• Operating temperature: from -18°C to 100°C 

Features of bags and rolls:

• Patented, grooved multi-layer Bisphenol A-free material
• All Berkel Vacuum accessories have been tested and certified for contact with foods 

Recommended Uses:

•Freezer and Refrigerator.
• Microwave defrosting.
• Boiling in water at 100°C for max 1 hour.
• Suitable for vacuum cooking in a steam or water oven (max 90°C for up to 72 hours). 


Width [A]
390 mm

Height [B]
80 mm

Lenght [C]
140 mm

Technical data

Machine size and weight
390x140x80h mm / 2,3 Kg

Electrical specifications
230V - 50Hz 140W

Max Vacuum
(60 cm/Hg) -0,8 bar

Welding bar
300 mm

Nominal flow pump
10 l/min

Canister Tube included


Shipping charges

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upon payment
Non-UE Charged to the recipient,
according to the country of destination

* Shipping is free of charge for all EU Countries, for orders over € 100.00. Shipping costs are charged to the customer for all orders under this amount.
Deliveries are made on working days, from Monday to Friday. No deliveries on holidays.

Minivac is Berkel’s latest creation. A compact professional vacuum packing machine for home use. Minivac is Vacuum’s little sister and features an appealing contemporary design. It’s easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Something to always keep at hand and not hidden in the cupboard! Designed to provide the highest performance in minimum space (39 cm width, 15 cm depth, and 8 cm thickness). After use, you can store it anywhere, even vertically. Its distinctive Berkel red ABS frame protects the surface from scratches.

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*shipping is free of charge for all EU Countries, for orders over € 100,00
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