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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Use the compare button, applying it to the models you are interested in, to compare the most relevant information about the various products. Select thebutton at the top right-hand corner


to view them in a single table that will guide you in choosing the right product for you. For slicers, remember to check the cutting capacity (circular or rectangular); this feature will help you understand the maximum size of the products you want to cut. Many of the packaged slices of cured meats you find in the supermarket counter are of a size suitable for the cutting capacity of the Red line and Home line.

Send a photo and write your request to info@berkelinternational.com . We will put you in touch with our trusted restorer.

If you would like to experience Berkel products hands-on, you can visit our store locator here and find the retailer closest to you. Enter the name of your town in the search bar and press the button. After a few seconds, a map and a list of the shops nearest to you will appear. The resellers are independent; for this reason we suggest to contact them in order to know the stock availability.

Before cleaning make sure to: remove the plug from the power socket, close the blade, remove the removable parts of the slicer. Cleaning products: use only lukewarm water and biodegradable foaming detergent for dishwashers, using a soft, spongy cloth. Wash the removed parts separately and reassemble them. We do not recommend washing these parts (blade cover, slice deflector, carriage) in the dishwasher.

For more information see the tutorials and manuals page here .

HOME LINE and RED LINE can cut cured meats, cooked meat, fruit, vegetables and bread and cured fish meat and cured seafood

It is not advisable to slice frozen products as doing so may damage the blade.

We recommend slicing roasts or other cooked meat after cooling. Hot and therefore very tender meat does not make for optimal slicing. It is preferable to let it cool for a few hours in the refrigerator.

When slicing bread, we recommend that you:

1 Do not slice loaves of bread that are too soft or have too thick a crust.

2 Do not compress the product and slice it slowly so as not to compromise the integrity of the slice.

3 Catch the slice of bread with your hand to keep it from breaking.

4 Avoid making slices that are too thin.

If you frequently need to slice cheese or other sticky products, we recommend Red Line's non-stick and rough material versions with easy-cleaning technology finish, otherwise - if you're a professional - contact us to find the best solution for you.
Slicing cheese with the other versions of Red line and Home line can be more difficult because the smooth surfaces of them allow the cheese to stick to the blade disturbing the cut. We recommend slicing hard, dry and compact cheeses that allow a good sliding and do not tire the engine.

Berkel offers the service of engraving personalised text on a steel plate. The plate is self-adhesive and free-standing. Spaces without curves are usually chosen for the best fitting.

Frequent positioning

RED LINE and HOME LINE  ⇒ external motor compartment body, in the parts closest to the feet (less curved)


FLYWHEEL ⇒ on the base of the slicer. It is advisable not to apply the plate too close to the logo for better functioning of the fraud prevention NFC tag.

Each Berkel flywheel slicer made since 2019 has a built-in NFC chip, its digital DNA. This is a revolutionary solution against counterfeiting because:  the chip is not removable, it protects the authenticity of the product and it creates a unique link between Berkel and its owner.

HOW TO USE IT: The tag is located here.

  1. Per Android smartphones: connect with NFC; for Apple iPhones: download an NFC reader for IOS (i.e. "nfc tag info" or "decode").
  2. Place the smartphone on the logo, which can be identified by moving the carriage fully forward.
  3. Wait for the dedicated web page to open.
  4. Register as the owner of the product.
  5. Consult the virtual “ID card”.

When the operator feels too much resistance when sliding the carriage, the guide bars should be lubricated. It is advisable to lubricate with acid-free synthetic oils (Vaseline oil is recommended) and not with vegetable oils which, once dry, could make the situation worse.

Where to lubricate:

HOME LINE ⇒ lubricate the visible carriage guide bar. See the video for further information.

RED LINE ⇒ lubricate the carriage guide bar under the slicer packaging. See the video for further information.

FLYWHEEL ⇒ Lubricate as follows

Pour a few drops of oil onto the bar (1) and into the joint of the thickness adjustment knob (2); pour a few drops of oil into the holes (3 and 4); pour a few drops of oil into the joint between flywheel and slicer body (5); briefly operate the flywheel.

See page 2 fig 11 

All electric slicers are equipped with a standard cable with EU plug; if you need a different plug, please contact us here 


We recommend continuous use of the slice deflector, metal and magnetic deflector already present in the package. This tool allows the optimal detachment of the slice from the blade and prevents the accumulation of residues in the back of the blade. To apply it, match the two holes in the deflector to the two pins/screws in the slice receiving area.

We recommend the purchase of the blade extractor for complete cleaning of the back of the blade and to maintain a high quality of cut. The sharpener is recommended when you notice that the slices are not optimal. The blade extractor, sharpener, cover and cutting board are not included in the Home line packages but are available separately for purchase.

includes the sharpener; the extractor is not necessary due to the large spaces for cleaning at the back of the blade of this model. Cutting board and cover are not included but are available separately for purchase.

Make sure that the slicer is stable and positioned flat. If the product is cured and hard, it is advisable to move the carriage slowly to slice. If the edge of the blade is altered, sharpen it as described in the manual supplied with each slicer.

Red Line is equipped with a CE safety lock that prevents the removal of the meat table in the open-blade position. Before moving the lever that allows you to remove it, make sure that the slice thickness adjustment knob is on “0” and that the meat table is completely back towards that knob.

Berkel slicers are equipped with a deflector, which allows a better detachment of the slice from the blade and guarantees the best performance of the machine. In addition, with less residue on the blade, the cleaning operation is greatly facilitated. We recommend to always use it, fixing it in its position, and to remove it only for cleaning.

If small rust spots have appeared on the edge of the blade, you can remove them by sharpening. To prevent this, you should always dry the blade after cleaning it so that moisture does not favor the growth of rust.


Always unplug the power cord before cleaning. You can clean the accessible surfaces of the machine with a sponge dampened with neutral soap, denatured alcohol or white vinegar diluted with water. If you have a Berkel Vacuum, you can remove the drip tray and wash it separately in the dishwasher.

Rolls and bags:  If you buy rolls, you can cut only the necessary part and save plastic Pre-cut bags, on the other hand, save time and are ready for use. Make sure that the length of the bag to be used is at least 8 cm longer than the food to be stored and allow an additional 2 cm for each time the bag is used again. To facilitate sealing, we recommend lined/embossed bags, with the lines facing upwards and therefore closer to the sealing bar.

Containers: ideal for storing products that are used frequently, such as dry and fragile foods; powdered foods; fruit and vegetables whether fresh, blended or puréed. Fill the container leaving at least 3 cm of space from the top edge of the container and place the lid on the container. Remember that marinating is only possible with the specific square container (BKL001073), the only one of the containers with handles for perfect closure.

Caution: food that is too crumbly may become damaged. With foods containing liquids, stop the minivac suction before they are sucked in. This problem is not posed with the Berkel vacuum and its “humid” function. For further information refer to the manual

We strongly recommend hand washing in warm water to ensure product integrity and durability. In any case we suggest drying the knife after each washing. Do not use abrasive fabrics or sponges. Do not wash in the dishwasher; sudden changes in temperature could damage the handles and the logo; rubbing of the tablewear together could damage the blades.

If you purchased the product from a retailer, please contact the retailer to return the product.

If you purchased your product from theberkelworld.com, please keep the packaging and return it within 14 calendar days of receipt. Please use the return form you will find


or write an e-mail to technical@berkelinternational.com specifying the product you wish to return or exchange for another product (if present, also indicate the product code and serial number). You will receive return instructions in response. All products purchased must be returned intact, PERFECTLY PRESERVED and in their original packaging, without any defects. If the customer returns the purchase or asks for a replacement, the return will be at the customer's expense.

Further information here

If you purchased your product from a retailer, please contact the retailer to return the product.

If you bought your product from theberkelworld.com, please keep the packaging, write and send a photo using the return form you will find there.


or write an e-mail to technical@berkelinternational.com specifying the product you wish to return or exchange for another product (if present, also indicate the product code and serial number). You will receive return instructions in response. All products purchased must be returned intact, PERFECTLY PRESERVED and in their original packaging, without any defects. The replacement or return will be borne by Van Berkel International only if the product is non-compliant or defective. If the product received is considered non-compliant and not damaged by the customer, it will be fully refunded to the customer or replaced with a new product as indicated by the customer.

Further information here

At theberkelworld.com, shipping is free of charge to all EU countries for orders over €150.00. Shipping costs are charged to the customer for all orders under this amount.

For information on the shipping costs, we recommend that you simulate an order by entering the destination address: before payment, you will see any additional cost for shipping to the destination country.

Deliveries are made on working days, from Monday to Friday. No deliveries on holidays. Delivery within 6 working days after receipt of payment. For more exclusive products such as flywheel slicers, delivery times may vary and will be communicated after payment has been received. We will send you an email when your items are shipped. Shipments to Russia are not permitted.

We will send you an email when your items are shipped, with a tracking link to your shipment.

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You cannot reserve a product but we recommend that you sign up to the “Notify me when this product is available” program. You will find a dedicated button on each page of products that are temporarily out of stock.

theberkelworld.com allows you to place orders as a private customer or as a company. If you have a VAT number, simply enter it. If you qualify for VAT exemption as a non-Italian European company, the tax will be removed automatically at checkout.

The checkout system only recognises and validates VAT numbers registered in the European Community Vies register. If your VAT number is not recognised, please send us an email at info@berkelinternational.com with all your billing details. We will reply with instructions on how to complete your order.