Berkel Vacuum and sealer machine

Cod.Art. 09-8799-6000


Foods as fresh as the second they were prepared

Through its unique and unmistakable style, Berkel has transformed an ordinary household appliance into an innovative object with a refined design. The signature imprinted on the stainless steel enhances the visual impact of Berkel Vacuum, perfect for display in your kitchen. The Berkel Vacuum perfectly complements the slicer, guaranteeing the conservation of flavours, freshness and quality of foods, while eliminating unnecessary waste.

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Berkel Vacuum, food as fresh as when it was just sliced

The latest Berkel creation: a food vacuum-packing machine for home use, with professional performance. An evolution for the brand which elevated the slicer into a cult object. Vacuum is the culmination of that attention to the genuineness and freshness of foods which has distinguished the legendary fly-wheel slicers for over a century now. The cover of Berkel Vacuum, made in stainless steel, enhances the unmistakable "red Berkel" style of the case, made in ABS and useful for scratch protection. The dimensions have been designed to obtain the highest performance with minimum size: total occupied surface on a kitchen worktop is only 44 cm in width and just over 23 cm in depth. In particularly small spaces, its limited thickness (just 11cm), ensure convenient storage, even vertical. A few details may vary from the ones visible in the photo.

High Tech

Technological fittings have been developed to guarantee professional results, thus responding to all requirements, with incomparable results.The double suction pump ensures greater duration over time, reducing work stress the machine is subjected to. Excellent flow rateequivalent to 18 l/min enables the reduction of work times.

Conserve fresh foods over a long time

BerkelVacuum features three sealing programmes, specific for each level of food humidity (dry, humid and very humid foods). With two speed levels, greater control of the state of vacuum is guaranteed, even for the conservation of very delicate foodstuffs. Other functions include automatic or manual closure, vacuum creation in containers and even a rapid marination cycle

Easy and practical

The luminous display enables you to check for the presence of air in a bag, or whether the vacuum creation process has been correctly completed. A practical accessory compartment has been designed to place the small tube for vacuum-sealing in containers and jars.

Safe with liquids

Berkel Vacuum is equipped with the "humid" button for fluids or blood of meat or fish. The software of the machine stops the suction at the right time; through the window, it is possible to check that any excess liquids are not aspired by the pump. Through the exclusive "fast marinating" function, moreover, the machine keeps the vacuum for several minutes and then releases the vacuum allowing the food to "rest" for 30 seconds for an excellent marinade.

Everything tidy, no mess

The special small tray (also washable in a dishwasher), collects liquids when the Berkel Vacuum is in use. In this way, even the most watery foods can be conserved without making a mess in the kitchen. A roll can be inserted under the lid, from which bags for vacuum-sealing are directly issued

Technical data
  • Height [B]
    113 mm
  • Lenght [C]
    245 mm
  • Width [A]
    440 mm
  • Weight:
    4 kg
  • Electrical Specs
    230V - 50Hz

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