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Flywheel slicer B116 Red

Cod.Art. BK116VCA00000000FR

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The return of the myth of Berkel's historic Red 1898 Series

The B116 flywheel meat slicer is the most traditional of the Berkel range. Suitable for intensive professional use. It has a blade with a 370 mm diameter.
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This is one of the most traditional models of the Berkel range. The B116 flywheel meat slicer maintains all the features consolidated over more than a century of history and combines them with safety and state of the art design techniques.

This artisanal machine is suitable for professional and intensive use. It is made of painted aluminium with stainless steel details. It has an in-built-in sharpener and a precise slice thickness adjustment unit.

Flywheel B116 has a blade with a 370 mm diameter. It is available red and black colours. All versions can be fitted with a cast-iron pedestal of a matching colour.

Some details may be different from those shown in the photos.


  • Floral Flywheel with hand-painted decorations all in Berkel style; internally balanced to block rotation in any position
  • Painted aluminum frame with hand-painted decorations, stainless steel components in contact with the product
  • 370mm blade in 100cr6 chromed steel with slice thickness adjustment system with incremental precision
  • Removable slice deflector, receiving tray, sliding meat table in stainless steel
  • Blade protection ring with patented mechanical drive
  • Rapid advancement and return system of the plate
  • Special arm for product fixing with assisted lifting
  • Slice thickness adjustment knob between 0 mm and 4 mm
  • Minimum last slice thickness to minimize product waste

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Professional carriage and meat table in stainless steel with release system for maximum cleaning
  • Assisted product press in chromed steel for optimal product locking
  • Very large spaces for cleaning in the areas in contact with the product
  • Quick removal system of the slice deflector to facilitate cleaning
  • Removable and washable stainless steel receiving tray
  • Removable sharpener completely enclosed in a special compartment on top of the machine


  • Chromed steel blade protection ring
  • Lever blade protection ring release system positioned under the tower to guarantee maximum safety
  • Ergonomic controls in black anodized aluminum to facilitate grip and minimize operator efforts
Technical data
  • Weight
    80 kg
  • Blade diameter
    370 mm
  • Blade material
  • Cut thickness
    0 - 4 mm
  • Cut Capacity Circle
    260 mm
  • Cut Capacity Rectangular
    290 x 260 mm
  • Removable parts
    Receiving Plate; Meat table
  • Sharpener
    included, one-movement type
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Technical sheet

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