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There's a fine line 

Between darkness and light. 

Fine is the taste of the moments that we love the most.  

There's a fine line between the sensation to be and not just to exist.  

Fine is the passing of time when we're happy,

a line designed not to go unnoticed. 

It's something impalpable, that makes staying together truly special. 

These are the moments that will last forever

What makes life special, is a fine line. 

Home Line Plus, Berkel



Among the many new features of this model, the most striking one is its new design, combining aesthetic and functionality, according to Berkel tradition, in a modern and futuristic design. Moreover, its motor block ensures improved performance, even when slicing harder products.

Not to mention the blade cover with a continuous profile to ease the cutting movement and the gauge plate with a diagonal opening to help the slice to exit. The CE-certified safety lock and the revamped product pressholder  increase safety, minimising risks and ensuring fuss-free cleaning.

Home Line Plus comes in a cardboard packaging box featuring minimal design and graphics to reduce hard-to-recycle waste. The box will also include the easy-to-use blade removal.


Let’s talk digital! The slicer will incorporate an NFC tag to allow consumers to access Berkel’s extra content through their smartphones.






  • Very thin residual product to minimize wasted material
  • Gauge plate opening lever with 18 millimetric adjustment positions for an accurate regulation
  • Inclined food plate for an effortless and more precise slicing
  • Chromed steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and ensures perfect slices
  • Professional engine 0,25 CV/0,19 kW for high cutting performance also for harder products
  • The product support reduces the space between the table and the gauge plate allowing the cutting product to lean completely on the meat table and minimize waste.
  • Specific aluminum alloy casting and baseplate, and polymer feet, for total stability during slicing
  • Fully IP65 sealed control panel
  • Blade extractor included


Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Rapid food grade aluminum blade cover removal system for an easy cleaning of the blade
  • Tiltable food plate for an easy machine cleaning
  • Easy removable product press holder dishwasher-safe


  • CE safety lock: when tilting the carriage, the thickness gauge plate remains closed to prevent the risk of cutting during cleaning operations

  • Automatic shutdown of the machine in case of power failure